Flex Drive 2018

Welcome Flex Employees. Thanks for donating to our Flex Drive 2018!!!

Flex will MATCH donations up to $250 towards the great work that Basket Brigade does. This is FANTASTIC! 

Please pick your donation amount below.

Thanks for your donation

$5 donation5.00 USD$5 donation
$10 donation10.00 USD$10 donation
$15 donation15.00 USD$15 donation
$20 donation20.00 USD$20 donation
$25 donation25.00 USD$25 donation
$35 donation35.00 USD$35 donation
$50 donation50.00 USD$50 donation
$75 donation75.00 USD$75 donation
$100 donation100.00 USD$100 donation
$150 donation150.00 USD$150 donation
$250 donation250.00 USD$250 donation
$500 donation500.00 USD$500 donation
Thanks for your donation