Days until assembly day….


What The Day Looks Like…

We need the support of many people to create the Thanksgiving baskets and to deliver them to families on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Our Assembly Day is the Saturday before Thanksgiving (November 23, 2019) at:

Tefft Middle School
1100 Shirley Ave, Streamwood, IL 60107

8:30am – Registration begins

9:00am – Assembly begins. The assembly of baskets moves quickly!

We plan to complete at around 11:30am.

11:00am (ish) – If you have decided to be a driver you will receive your list of families to take as many baskets as you have families. Delivery starts!

The secret to LIVING is GIVING.

That’s why our delivery process also takes into account the heart of the giver.  There is something amazingly gratifying about physically handing a complete Thanksgiving dinner to a family who needs it.

ONLINE Registration is closed, as we need to print and prepare for Saturday’s big event.  You can still help out, and join us, of course, just go to the “ONSITE REGISTRATION” line, and we look forward to seeing you there!!