Running 200 Miles for Families in Need

“With great power comes great responsibility.” This is what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker (Spiderman), just before he (Ben) passed away. The truth is that this really applies to all of us in that we all have some great power, talent, gift or resource. And I would be remiss if I didn’t first look into the mirror and hold myself accountable for how I

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Basket Brigade 2019

Join us for another AMAZING year of giving back!!! Saturday, November 23rd – 9am This year our goal is to deliver 2000 complete Thanksgiving dinners to local area families in need!!! That’s 10,000 people!!!!! We need “all hands on deck” for this one!!! Did we mention, 10,000 people!!!! Let’s do this!!!!! Assembly Day will be at:Tefft Middle School1100 Shirley Avenue Streamwood, IL 60107 Photos

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While our BIG event every year is our Assembly Day, you can support Basket Brigade throughout the year with all of our amazing events, benefit shows, dine-and-share nights, fundraising events, raffles and more! Watch this space for more events in the upcoming year as we plan for another AMAZING YEAR!!!!!